Plunkett Communications Inc. - Brand Architecture through Marketing Research

Brand Drafting™
Qualitative Research:
  • Positioning Exploratories
  • New Product Exploratories
  • Stakeholder Exploratories
  • Leader/Influencer Studies
  • Brand Strategy Development

Brand Drafting™
Brand Drafting™ Communications Architecture™ Brandscape™ Evaluation Brandscape™ Tracking
Brand Renovation Blueprint Workshop™ On-Site Insights™ Webscape Architecture™ Testing  
Quick Study™      


Provides insights to help guide the development of brand planning, positioning and strategy.

Conducted early in the marketing process to ensure consumer input is utilized before expensive construction begins.

Allows clients to identify the cornerstones of enduring brand structures.

A variety of needs-driven interactive and projective research techniques are employed to reveal the reasons for consumer response.

It pays to invest in a sound brand foundation and then continue adding to the brand structure as budgets and time permit.





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