Plunkett Communications Inc. - Brand Architecture through Marketing Research

Brand Renovation
Qualitative and/or Quantitative Research:
  • Repositioning Exploratories
  • New Packaging Exploratories
  • Brand Strategy Adjustment

Brand Renovation
Brand Drafting™ Communications Architecture™ Brandscape™ Evaluation Brandscape™ Tracking
Brand Renovation Blueprint Workshop™ On-Site Insights™ Webscape Architecture™ Testing  
Quick Study™      

Provides insights for strategic adjustments to an existing brand to remain distinct and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Conducted at any time in a brand's lifecycle and can vary from a full-scale reconstruction (repositioning) to a small-scale renovation of one or more elements of the marketing mix:

  • Packaging
  • Creative
  • Sponsorships
  • Promotions
Even the best brands change over time and need occasional upkeep to avoid costly -- and often- unsuccessful -- reconstruction.




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