Plunkett Communications Inc. - Brand Architecture through Marketing Research

Successful Brands cause consumers to believe that they and the brand are made for each other.

Brands come in many forms, but each and every one begins with a sound understanding of customer needs and expectations.

At Plunkett Communications Inc. (PCI), we build that foundation with Brand Architecture™ as our proven approach. This is marketing research that delivers the vital insights decision-makers need to create – or enhance – Brands and marketing communications.

Buildings rest on a foundation manufactured with concrete and steel. Brands rest on a foundation manufactured with qualitative and quantitative research.

Founded in 1989, PCI is a full-service marketing research company located in Toronto, Canada offering value-added, leading-edge qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Areas of research include Brand development, communications, consumer attitudes and behaviors, Brand tracking, Brand renovation, problem solving,
on-site (ethnographic) research and web development studies.

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Brand Architecture™ - registered trademark since 1989

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